Mei Mei Chang is 73 years old. Prior to doing Getting Grounded Gracefully her balance was very poor. Now she walks without holding on and with great confidence.

“When I started I could not stand without holding onto the back of a chair because I was unsteady when standing. By the time we had finished the program I was not holding on to the chair so often. It made me aware I could do things I did not know I could.”


“My walking has improved; I am firmer on the ground. I am not so afraid I am going to fall anymore. My confidence has improved. I had a stronger fear of falling before I did the program.”

“My confidence has improved a lot. This has given me the courage to venture out of the house alone. Previously I would not have left the house alone.”


“The Program has cut out some of the rust; I am more flexible and feel better. I am more aware of what I am doing now; I am more active, go to the shops more often. I accomplish so much more than previously I would have.”


“I can now put on my seat belt in the car easily. The lesson with trunk and neck twist taught me how to do this. I found a new way to put my stockings on. The lesson hand and foot taught me this new method.”